Your Complete Italy Travel Guide: Famous Tourist Destinations and Other Necessary Information

Italy, to most of the tourists, is one of the biggest attractions in the world. Every nook and corner of the country has something or the other to offer to the tourists visiting it from various parts of the world. Having said all this, it still is a country with real people living and working every day, which means not every part of the country, can be considered as tourist spot. So, here are five of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy and an insight into what you should expect, when you visit these places.

italy travel guide - Your Complete Italy Travel Guide: Famous Tourist Destinations and Other Necessary Information

Rome –

The most vibrant city of Italy reminds you of its illustrious past all the time. The things to look forward to in the city are great museums, ancient monuments, and Renaissance and medieval fountains and buildings. Being the capital of what we call modern Italy, Rome boasts of many fine cafes and restaurants, lively squares and streets and a great nightlife.


It is again one of the most visited destinations in the beautiful country of Italy. The large region is host to the most varying landscape that can be seen in the country. In Tuscany you can see picturesque vineyards, seaside towns, medieval hill towns and scenic countryside.


Florence, also called as Renaissance city is situated right at the core of Tuscany and is one of the very popular places in the region. Some of the most beautiful cathedrals, churches and amazing museums in Italy can be seen in the city of Florence. The squares and streets are surrounded with elegant shops and buildings.

Sardinia and Sicily

Sardinia and Sicily are the country’s two biggest islands and are extremely fascinating places to visit, especially fort the adventure lovers. These places showcase the true heritage and history of the country. Few places are so mesmerizing that you would feel to have travelled back in time. Both islands are host to historic sights and exotic beaches. Eat some of the best food in Italy in the elegant restaurants in these islands.


Built in one of the lagoons and on water, Venice is not only one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy, but also throughout the world. The small streets that are completely free of traffic stretch alongside the beautiful winding canals and walking on them with your loved one would leave you with memories that would last forever. The tourists can enjoy a wide range of shops, restaurants, palaces, churches and live squares in the exotic city of Venice.

Italy Travel Tips and Necessary Information

Italy is divided into many regions and it would practically be not possible to visit every part of the country in one single trip unless you are on a month long holiday. So, it is best advised to concentrate on one or maximum two regions depending upon how long your vacation really is. Explore everything about one particular place rather than getting a glimpse of everything. They say Italy is to be cherished and not rushed into.

Italy capri - Your Complete Italy Travel Guide: Famous Tourist Destinations and Other Necessary Information

How to Make the Most Out of Your Trip

Stay in a city, enjoy every part of it in a day or two and then explore the nearby country sides.

Rent a style bike and visit the famous country side of Italy. Many cyclists from around the world come to the country every year, just to do this. This way you would be able to notice every single thing about a city that you would have otherwise missed while travelling by a bus or a car. With a cycle you get the flexibility to stop where you want and enjoy things of your interest that might be different from others.

Enjoy the Italian Cuisines

One thing that you don’t want to miss out on after coming to Italy is the great food the country has to offer. Enjoy as many cuisines as you want and don’t just stop there, take up a quick cooking class and learn how to cook few of your favourite Italian dishes. Don’t spoil your vacation in the name of dieting or anything similar. Hog as much as you can because you would never get enough of it.

Find the true essence of Italy at those small cafes and local shops. Spend a little quality time every day at one of these places near your hotel or resort. Mingle with locals and learn few sentences in Italy.

Italy is as intriguing as a touring destination can get. You love those modern yet historic cities, but you find the true Italian feel in those countryside. One week of vacation could be good enough, but you can stretch it to a two week vacation, then it would be just awesome by all means, as it’d allow you to cover all the tourist spots in the country.

Author Bio – Jolie Fulton an avid traveller and he loves to enjoy Rome City Breaks whenever he finds time to take a break off his hectic schedule. He works as a freelancer journalist, and he is also fond of photography too.

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