Discover a new kind of rebellion at Moco Museum

Recent times have been times of great change in the world. People have been forced to adapt to new realities in order to move forward. But drastic changes always come with rebellious touches. There are many ways to represent rebellion. In museum Amsterdam you are sure to find some artwork with a rebellious touch. But if you’re looking for a modern approach to rebellion, the best place to see it is the Moco Museum. When we use the word “rebelliousness” we usually associate it with something negative. But this is not our case. In this museum you can discover that there are ways to achieve drastic changes with acts of positive rebellion. Each of us is a vital part of this complex ecosystem we call society. When we understand this, positive rebellion becomes present.

Discovering a new way to achieve change

We are changing beings. We are constantly improving, evolving with each passing day. And there always comes a time when major changes are necessary. There can always be resistance to change. New things are always scary. This is where positive rebellion is part of the artwork on display at the Moco Museum. With Banksy’s “Heart Boy” you can understand that a child’s best act of rebellion comes from the need for peace and love. Through “Companion (Passing Through)” by artist KAWS you will comprehend that every act of rebellion is preceded by doubt and fear. You get to realize that it is normal and that it happens to all of us even if we deny it. Discover a new form of creative rebellion by visiting the four futuristic spaces of Studio Irma’s “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism”.

A space to reflect and evolve

No matter which corner of the Moco Museum you visit, you will always come across a work of art that will make you debate beyond your ideals. In order to grow as people and in our professional lives, we need to evolve. To evolve we need to connect with different knowledge and cultures. It is only when we see the world from different perspectives that we understand that we are part of a big machine that needs everyone to run. This is when we become positive rebels. An act of positive rebellion implies going beyond what is imposed in search of the well-being of all. It is not about highlighting our differences. It is about understanding that by being different, we are unique. And by being unique we can coexist in respect and harmony. This is how the world will become a better place every day.


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