Discovering the museums its subsets and the best understanding of those of Amsterdam

Invented 280 years before J.C., the museums, in general, knew a long history in the time before acquiring their current statutes. Taking several forms depending on the category to which they belong, we can highlight a few:

– The art museums: focused on the different variants of art.

– Archaeology museums: specialized in the exhibition of ancient relics that have marked the history of men.

– History museums: based on the evolution of human history.

– Other museums: fine arts, science museums, decorative arts museums…

This representation makes it possible to understand the structure of the museums of Amsterdam and to better determine the specialization of certain museums such as the Moco Museum.

The moco museum, the lantern of the museumplein

Mixing both decorative and fine art, not to mention street and pop art, the moco museum lights up Amsterdam in every sense of the word. Through its exhibition space, the Villa Alsberg, this mansion, dating from 1904 is in itself already a work of art. Refurbished to the futuristic design of the moco museum, it is like a galaxy shining with a thousand stars. It also has a cruising area, allowing a guided tour of Amsterdam.

Having broken the boundaries of the profession to maximize the satisfaction of its visitors, the moco has put at your disposal:

A virtual exhibition space: it gives you access to all the works on display on its premises and much more.

A store: a beautiful space where you can buy souvenirs and other gifts.

An adventure like that of the moco is not unique and can be renewed at any time through its platforms of listening and interactions made available to the general public.

The contrast of the Amsterdam art museums

The Amsterdam art museum is more than a common exhibition platform, but a large ensemble with a wide variety of specialties making the place an attraction like no other. Far from being a coincidence, the panache of styles in Amsterdam’s museums is a policy pursued to satisfy the maximum number of visitors from around the world. We have among others:

  • The Stedelijk museum: which focuses on modern art.
  • The Van Gogh museum: highlighting Dutch painting.
  • The moco museum: based on modern and contemporary art, it values the most outstanding artists.
  • The Rijksmuseum: based on both art and history, it is the foundation and inspiration of Amsterdam’s museums.

It is a large nursery of exhibitions to visit without moderation.

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