How to Manage Women-Specific Problems for the Mount Everest Expedition

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How do women pee on Everest?

Peeing in your harness.

After the Everest Base Camp trek, you will spend much time tethered. So, waiting until you have to pee won’t help. To relieve yourself, keep your climbing harness on. Most harnesses don’t even require you to unclip the flexible leg loop connectors in the back. Leave the waist on, pull the leg loops down with your pants, pee, and then pull it back up. To make sure everything goes as planned, practice this at home.

Pee rag

Some people will prefer to use a pee rag. When you’re done peeing, you use a single rag for the duration of your trip. Keep it in your pack’s water bottle pocket. It will be free because we keep our water bottles there. It will reduce the possibility of the rag falling out.

Pee funnel

There are many different excellent products available. When making a decision, consider small and light. First, get some practice using your funnel while standing up in the shower. Next, practice kneeling in the shower so you can replicate this in a small tent. When you are comfortable, go outside and give it a try in your backyard. Also, practice it while backpacking. 

When sleeping in a tent, you can comfortably turn away from your tentmate. You can then pee while maintaining a little privacy by draping your sleeping bag over your shoulders.

Pee bottle

You can use a pee bottle at night to use the restroom without getting out of bed. If you can pee easily in the tent, it will be better. You will probably stay more hydrated and get a better night’s sleep. Hold the bottle steady by holding it in one hand while holding the funnel in the other. 

How to maintain feminine hygiene at Everest? 

UV maintenance

The sun is a potent disinfectant, especially at high altitudes. Attach used underwear or a pee rag to the outside of your tent in direct sunlight. It will help kill bacteria on them. Keep in mind that the alpine environment is very windy. So, secure your underwear to a tent, clip or tie your pee rag tightly.

Yeast infections 

Bring your doctor’s prescription medications if you frequently get yeast infections. Trips for climbing unfortunately often cause annoyance. Therefore, it’s best to be ready.

Wet wipes 

Many climbers, particularly on longer trips, enjoy using mild, unscented, non-irritating wet wipes. One wipe usually lasts for several days. So, transfer what you need from the package to a Ziploc bag. Keep in mind that wet wipes are heavy and need to be packed out. So, be careful about how much you bring.

How to manage my menstrual cycle for the Everest expedition

Off timing 

Menstrual cycles may follow erratic patterns after mountaineering expeditions. Never assume that because you are consistent at home, you will also be consistent elsewhere.


If you think you might be starting your period, be sure to bring supplies. The best choice for women who are menstruating is to bring extra resealable bags for used tampons and pads. Some people also think about using a Diva Cup. Just like with the pee funnel, practice in the convenience of your own home is essential.

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