Incredible Theme Parks to Visit in UAE

Without the element of fun life would be boring, so to escape boredom many people strike to UAE to have fun. This is because UAE is one of the known countries that are famous for its fun filled to do activities. There is no harm in stating the fact that people addressing themselves as globe trotter have not visited Dubai. In Dubai, you can get to explore and experience tons of amazing and exciting activities that can cherish your mood, instantly. All types of attractions that can be a source of pleasing your mood can be found in UAE. Fun activities in Dubai are condemnably made for every person belonging to any age. Moreover, it has some of the popular theme parks that are made to entertain people to the highest form of comfort. Well, that is not only children who love theme parks in fact some young adults are also into the hype of fun. 

All the theme parks in Dubai are focused towards Nature, Adventure, Fantasy, and History. If you wish to obtain the highest notion of fun through theme parks in UAE to make vacations exciting. Then, you are the one who dedicatedly needs this blog. 

1- Warner Bros World

Undoubtedly, Warner Bros is a huge name in the world of Hollywood movies ever made in the history. This production house has produced more than 100 movies. To make you relive your moments with your favourite watched movies as a child or an adult can be done here. Yes, there is a theme park “Warner Bros” that is located in UAE. In this theme park, you can find characters of all genres you have or have not seen. Anything that you have ever imagined with your favourite animated character can be performed here in terms of activities. With The Entertainer Promo Code, you can get a chance to relive your vacations to the fullest without paying extra. 

2- Ferrari World

If you are into sports cars, then paying a visit to this place is all you need on your vacations. This place is unique in its making and such a place is no where you can get to visit other than Abu Dhabi.  At this place, you can get to more than you have imagined. Various rides include; Formula Rossa, Turbo Track, Mission Ferrari, Go Carting, and whatnot. Then, to keep children entertained it has separate rides and games for them such as; Speedway Race track, Junior Grand Prix, and more. Other than riding you can even get to taste its mouth watering cuisines that can delight your mood. 

3- Bollywood Park

If you are a movie fanatic, then this place is made for you. This place is something unique that is loaded with tons of Action, Romance, Live music performances, and thrilling rides. Your dream of meeting your favourite Bollywood can come true even with clay dummies. Here you not only get to enjoy live performances or dance shows, you can get to taste yummy food. All types of flavourful spicy Indian dishes you can get to enjoy. It had amazing rides to serve you with the emotion of living the scene of your more than 100 times watched movie. Special and popular movie scenes picked movie rides can be found here such as; Don Chase, Bhuvan’s Wheel, and more. 

4- LEGO Land Dubai

If you are a fan of LEGO and you get a chance to visit Dubai, then do not forget to visit this place. Even within this LEGO land a small resort of LEGO is made for LEGO lovers. This is because this land has so much to witness that cannot be explored in a single day. So, if you are a huge fan then you can book a room to explore this place peacefully. The pieces of LEGO are found in various renowned movie characters such as; Batman, Joker, Shaggy, and more. This has also been a reason that has gained attention. In the name of attractions, it has a Mini Light show, Factory Tour, Duplo Express, LEGO building academy and more. 

5- Yas Water World

The fact regarding Dubai’s steamy heat cannot be denied, so to beat the heat you can hit to, “Yas Water World”. This place has just some amazing and mind blowing water slides and tunnels that can make you go crazy. A step into this water park will make you step on a water Island full of rides and much more. On the other hand, considering the privacy of women every Friday only women are permitted to enjoy on this Island. Each slide and tunnels is different from one another and all are given unique identities. Such as; Bubble Barrel, Slithers Slide, Liwa Loop, Jebel Drop, Yehal, Rush Rider, and whatnot. Other than rides you can even get to shop from a mall made within the water Island. 

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