Reasons To Take Your Family To A Beach Holiday Accommodation in Sydney

Do you have any ideas for your upcoming family vacation? Consider making a reservation for one of Coogee Sands’ Sydney vacation rentals. Popular restaurants, entertainment, and activities are only a short walk from our beachfront lodgings. Here is a list of the benefits we believe a beach vacation for the family will provide. Continue reading to learn more about our family’s accommodations in Sydney.

Visiting the Beach Makes You Disconnect from Technology!

Let’s face it; technology appears to consume most of our time rather frequently. Putting down your phone, laptop, and other technological devices can be really beneficial. You may spend time at the beach without any technology using activities like kayaking, boat riding, beach volleyball, and building sandcastles. 


A beach trip is an easy method to acquire more vitamin D. Your body reacts favourably once your skin absorbs the vitamins it has been lacking. If you’re anything like me, the presence of sunshine instantly uplifts your mood and relieves the stress that has been weighing you down. But this is where you do need to use some common sense. Use sunscreen, and spend some days relaxing under a beach umbrella. However, it’s crucial to remember that too much sunlight might have the opposite impact.


A beach vacation can be a wonderful way for families to get closer. Spend some time creating a few sandcastles. Making time for a beach vacation can allow your family to benefit from teamwork, which is a powerful tool for connecting. Decide the dates for your beach vacation today, and make it happen. Then, on your upcoming beach vacation, make plans to unwind, sleep, soak up some sunshine, read a nice book, and have fun with the family. If you take the time to enjoy your next vacation on the beach, I can assure you that you will be happy.

Beach Holidays Create Wonderful Memories

The beach requires a lot of interaction while you’re there! You’re always making memories that will last a lifetime, whether you’re swimming in the ocean, collecting beach finds, or watching a stunning sunset!

Spending Time at the Beach Encourages Imagination and Creativity

Children spend much time indoors, engrossed in electronics or the TV. The beach is nature’s own playground, which is one of its best features, though! Children’s brains convert to exploring mode when exposed to a sandy change of surroundings! They play, run, splash in the water, fill buckets, gather seashells, and use sand and water to create beautiful works of art. All of these activities foster imagination while enhancing motor and cognitive skills.


Searching for family vacation packages? What better way to rekindle your relationship with your family than to take a luxurious vacation to Coogee Beach? Our team at Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments believes that spending time with your loved ones while on vacation is the best way to spend time together. So join us for an exciting weekend that the entire family will remember when you take advantage of our Family Fun Package.

In addition to lodgings in a Deluxe Courtyard Studio that can accommodate two adults and two kids, our holiday family packages also offer wine and chocolates for the adults upon arrival. But it doesn’t end there! We also include four (4) movie tickets to the Randwick Ritz theatre and a continental family breakfast at a nearby cafe for the ultimate family-bonding experience.

The most crucial connections in your life need to be nurtured and strengthened, so stay with us at Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments for a relaxed and enjoyable stay with our Family Fun Package.


  • Two people and two kids are accommodated in a Deluxe Courtyard Studio.
  • Adults receive wine and chocolate upon arrival.
  • 4 movie tickets at the Ritz Cinema in Randwick
  • Breakfast buffet at a nearby cafĂ©
  • a $10 gift certificate for dining at La Spiaggia Italian Restaurant (per booking)
  • Pack of Kids’ Activities
  • Free WiFi

The Coogee Sands Hotel & Apartments will help you make beach vacation experiences you’ll treasure forever. Book now!

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