Riau Islands : A Beautiful New Tourist Destination

The most famous archipelago of Riau has thousands of islands scattered in bunches from the shallow, aquamarine waters of the South China Sea. Having been a favourite junction with pirates and traders for centuries, part of the Riau-Johor and Sulu Sultanates, the islands comprise a rich history and a fascinating cultural combination. Besides, it also became a province of the Dutch East Indies. However, it makes French attractions a great escape from the most magnificent island hideaway and city. From their towns into and sea gipsies, the Riau is a leading holiday hub for both relaxation in adventure and style.

Riau Islands is the ultimate paradise for holidaymakers and beach bums. Within the vision of Singapore, Malaysia, and Borneo, that the islands tend to be visited by the Singaporean and Malay holidaymakers – and that suggests this wouldn’t be a place for budget travellers. But spending a few dollars in the Riau Islands won’t make 1 regret it. In any case, it is high time to produce the archipelago known to the world.

Where Are The Riau Islands?

Some islands located within the vision of Singapore and Sumatra, others nearer to Malaysia, and the furthest nearly reach Borneo. Over 3000 isles of the Riau Archipelago welcomes predominantly wealthy Singaporean and Malay holidaymakers — which indicates that it wouldn’t be a location for budget travellers. Albeit culturally is closer to Malaysia, the archipelago formally belongs to Indonesia, and natural wealth has become the subject of tourism.

Back in Batam and Bintan, beach resorts that are upscale fringe outstanding beachfront restaurants and the granite shore serve demanding customers. They usually come here to escape from the hustle and bustle of Asian metropolises. On the flip side, the Riau Islands may be expensive as super basic and cheap, e.g. the distant Tudjuh archipelago. It solely depends upon the island of your own choice. To get there, out of Singapore by ferry (45 minutes), or from another Indonesian/Malaysian city by air (international airport).

What To Do in Riau Islands?

The leading activities in the Riau Islands are sightseeing, snorkelling, sports, swimming, scuba diving. Eco-tourism has been appreciated thanks to cycling, jungle trekking and backpacking facilities. The visitors can find here both privacy with the adventure that is distant and luxury. The stunning beaches are Melur Beach, Nongsa Beach in Batam city, Abang Island, Pelawan Beach in Karimun, Lagoi Beach, Tanjung Berakit Beach, and Trikora Beach.

Besides maritime and coastal tourism, Riau Islands encourage other interests, such as ancient tombs, distinctive cultural heritage landmarks, traditional dances and festivals of the region.

There are five key island regions to select from: Bintan and Batam and the closest to the Malay Peninsula and the neighbouring Lingga and Karimun Islands are located off Sumatran coast whereas the Tudjuh Archipelago (Anambas, Natuna, Tambelan, Badas) have Borneo in their close distance.

The Best Islands That You Must Visit

  1. Batam Islands

It is the closest island to Singapore with a lot of resorts and fast-growing tourism (shopping malls, spas, restaurants, holiday, various excursions), great holiday, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, yachting, diversion. Attractions are Belerang Bridge, Pulau Abang, Vietnam Village temples and beaches.

2. Bintan Islands

The outstanding tourism development, sightseeing, water sports activities and recreation for most of the Singaporeans are available here. Tanjung Pinang is the capital town, with plenty of luxury tourist hotels along the shore (the most seen and expensive island), snorkelling, scuba diving (sea turtles). Significant attractions include Penyengat Island (tombs of national heroes Raja Haji Fisabilillah and Raja Ali Haji), 500 Luohan Temple (notable Chinese temple), Mount Bintan (trekking, perspectives ), Bintan Desert/Sand Dunes (Gurun Pasir Bintan & Telaga Biru). To get there, from Singapore by ferry (45 min-1 hour), or in any other Indonesian city by plane.

Before you plan a trip to Riau Islands, be sure to read more about the Riau Islands and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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