Sightseeing boat in Barcelona: for celebrations and gatherings

Throughout the year in Barcelona, anyone can embark on a boat trip as part of a randomly assembled group or with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Renting a sightseeing boat in Barcelona offers everyone a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time on the water right in the city without having to travel outside. It is no wonder that such services are in high demand.

Who rents boats and why?

Renting a boat can be relevant in a wide range of situations, and in essence, this decision can be optimal for any summer event intended for entertaining guests, celebrating various festive occasions, holding large meetings, or conducting business events. All the cases for which banquet or conference halls are rented can also be held on a boat. The rental cost will be similar, and you will get far more experiences than with a conventional approach. The following are some of the main events for which renting a boat in Barcelona would be an ideal solution:

  • Weddings with any number of invited guests,
  • Anniversaries or even just birthdays,
  • Graduations, both high school and university,
  • Corporate events and business meetings.

For any of these events, you can choose the optimal water transport option – a boat that will take into account the number of invited guests, the specifics of the festive event, and the needs of those present. More detailed information can be found at

Capacity and other conditions

Some customers prioritize finding a boat with a kitchen and separate rooms. All of this is possible, and even more so, individual decoration of rooms and spaces can be arranged. It is also feasible to get a vessel with a conference hall and all the necessary conditions for conducting a business meeting. To avoid making the wrong choice, it is a good idea to inform the rental company of your goals and needs, and the right option will be quickly identified.

In addition, the transport capacity is an important factor. Various options are available: you can find a boat for 20-30 people, as well as for up to 70, up to 150, and more than 150 people. All options exist and can be tailored to the client’s needs. There is no point in booking a large catamaran for a small number of guests, as it would result in unnecessary expenses. However, a significant number of expected attendees requires a sufficiently large venue for the event, and a large catamaran would be very appropriate in this case.

The amount of time the vessel is needed for is a separate topic for discussion. Typically, rental options start from three hours and longer, and this approach is the most practical for both parties. The maximum duration can be any length – if necessary, the rental can be extended during the event.

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