Stonehenge Tour – When To Visit and Do Clothes Matter

Stonehenge is a pre-historic stone monument found in Wiltshire, England. It is a circle of standing stones 13 feet in height, 7 feet in width, and 25 tons in weight. The diameter of the circle is 110 feet. The reason Stonehenge was built is still not confirmed, but a widely accepted theory is that it was a cemetery for elite society members. The first construction phase took around 3100 to 2900 BC and 1600 BC was the final phase. 

Book your ticket to Stonehenge from during the summer. It is the summer solstice when the sun rises in alignment with the stones. It is an event that attracts a majority of tourists every year. 

There is no specific time to plan a Stonehenge tour. However, many people recommend early morning to late night visits to Stonehenge. The reason is that it is not crowded and the atmosphere is peaceful. 

You can even visit Stonehenge in autumn to experience the autumnal equinox or in winter for the winter solstice. The rain risk is high in spring otherwise the weather is warm. People coming to Stonehenge from London must reach early or before sunset. 

Visitors can book organized tours if they desire to walk through the center of Stone Circle. The monument was threatened by vandalism and a huge influx of visitors, so there is a perimeter built with ropes. 

Except for Christmas, Stonehenge is open all around the year. The last admission is accepted 2 hours before closing time. 

Do the kind of clothes you wear on the Stonehenge trip matter?

The weather in London is unpredictable, therefore it is recommended to layer. Wear comfortable footwear because there is plenty of fields to explore. During summer, wear light-colored clothes to keep cool. Typically, visitors wear white flowing poly-cotton long robes. 

As you will be in the countryside and some distance away from the shelter than be prepared for bad weather. 

The weather fluctuates in the UK all around the year. There are chances that you can come across all 4 seasons in a single day. So, even in summer carry a travel umbrella or lightweight clothes. Therefore, dressing in layers can help to handle the temperature changes. 

Sturdy walking shoes or sneakers with appropriate ankle support are great in dry weather. The Stonehenge terrain is uneven and steep underfoot, so choose footwear with great grips. Never wear casual shoes or flip-flops because the risk of tripping or falling increases. 

If you are planning a Stonehenge trip in winter then dress warmly as you will be walking in the open farmland. You desire to feel comfortably warm and enjoy the stone structures as much as you can. If you wish to wear a cute coat that is not winter approved then add several layers between the sweater and cute coat. 

Wear proper wool socks and winter boots because thin cotton socks will not help even with extra insulated shoes. Even wear a tight-fit hat on your head that covers the ears. 

You can even visit the ancient monuments near Stonehenge if you have the time. 

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