The Rocky Mountains One of the most interesting in the USA

One of the most interesting mountaineering and climbing areas in the USA, and perhaps in the whole of North America, is the Rocky Mountains National Park. The park covers a very large area on both sides of the Great Dividing Range and is located about 130 km northwest of the state capital, Denver.

To get a good look at the Rocky Mountains it is worth going there early in the morning. After all, there is something to see, and the mountain roads of the park are almost 600 km. If you go on the Rocky Mountain road trip, you can visit more than 60 peaks here. The highest of them is Longs Peak, which is 4345 meters high.

Tours to the Rocky Mountains National Park

The Rockies are open for visitors during the year. Naturally, the national park is divided into two parts – western and eastern. The western part is dominated by a humid climate, there is an abundance of forests. In the eastern part, there are kars and ice peaks, and a dry climate.

This area is rich in various kinds of animals. Among the large ones are the subspecies of the deer “vapiti” and the bighorn sheep. Among the smaller animals are the squirrel and the gopher. Among the birds is a miniature hummingbird. So, if you are traveling with children, you will have something to entertain them.

During the winter months, ski resorts and snowmobile trails are laid on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. There are many viewing platforms for photographing and camping with souvenir shops. Here you can relax and take unforgettable photos.

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