Traveling to Medan? Don’t Miss These 6 Fun Activities!


What comes to your mind when you hear “Medan city”? Perhaps what is often thought of is Medan durian. Medan has various delicious culinary specialties, such as noodle soup, racing noodles, soto keswan, and others.

However, not only that. Medan is also famous for its natural and cultural tourism. You can visit various beaches and waterfalls to refresh your mind. If you want to “escape” for a while from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Medan can be the right choice for a vacation.

When we go to a place for the first time on vacation, sometimes we are confused about where to go. For those of you who are visiting Medan for the first time, we have a list of recommended activities that you can do while on vacation in Medan. Guaranteed, your vacation will be even more exciting!

1. Medan City Day Tour

When on vacation to the capital, it’s not enough if you haven’t stopped by the landmarks and historical places. Some of the landmarks in Medan include Maimun Palace and the Struggle Museum.

If you want to go around the city of Medan, don’t miss this Medan city tour package. Of course, you will not miss visiting the must-visit tourist destinations in Medan. Besides visiting various Medan landmarks, you can also taste the famous Medan durian. Fun, right?

2. Amazing Zone Center Point Mall Medan

If you want to shop at Center Point Mall Medan, take the time to stop by Amazing Zone! After a day of shopping, you can have fun here.

Center Point Medan is one of the biggest malls in Medan. As the name suggests, this mall is located in the middle of the city and strategically, close to Maimun Palace, Medan Station, and Masjid Raya Al-Mashun.

You can play many arcade games at Amazing Zone Center Point Medan. There are Car Bombs, Field Hockey, Ping Pong, Dance Dance Revolution, and others. Anyway, fun!

3. Funworld The Manhattan Times Square Medan

You can also play in the arcade if you shop at The Manhattan Times Square Medan. Here, you can play in Funworld, which is very exciting.

This mall is also the largest mall in Medan. With a strategic location, this mall is a favorite shopping destination in Medan. The games are pretty complete, ranging from various video games, children’s rides to war games. Guaranteed, after playing here immediately makes the mood so happy!

4. Eat well at the Caribbean Boutique Hotel Medan

Want to stay in an unusual hotel? You can stay at the Caribbean Boutique Hotel. This boutique hotel has a unique and attractive interior and exterior design. Not only that, you can eat well here. This hotel restaurant provides a variety of delicious menus ranging from Indonesian food to western food. Guaranteed, make your stomach full!

While eating, you can enjoy the beautiful interior of the restaurant. Instagramable! Don’t forget to prepare your camera so you can be happy to take pictures here!

5. Romantic Dinner by the Pool JW Marriott Hotel Medan

If you’re on vacation with your partner, make time for a romantic dinner together! You can book a place at the JW Marriott Hotel restaurant for a wonderful dining experience.

The atmosphere is very romantic. You can choose to have dinner by the pool.

In addition, you can also all stay here. This 5-star hotel has complete facilities. Not only a restaurant and swimming pool, but there is also a fitness center and Quan Spa.

6. The Freshness of Swimming at Grand Inna Medan

Want to swim in the large swimming pool? You can swim in the swimming pool of the Grand Inna Medan hotel.

Spacious and refreshing, right? Guaranteed you will be happy swimming here. If you don’t want to swim, you can also relax and take shelter by the pool.

If you want to stay overnight, Grand Inna Medan can be the right choice. In addition to complete facilities, the interior of this hotel is gorgeous with shades of red and yellow. So feel at home, okay!

To keep your vacation safe and comfortable, don’t forget to obey health protocols while traveling. Wear a mask and wash your hands regularly, OK?

Before you plan a trip to Medan, be sure to read more about Medan and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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