Trip Guide Explaining Everything About the Crab Island in Destin Florida

Florida, The Sunshine City, has become the best place for enjoying a wonderful vacation time with your dear ones. When in Florida, you cannot miss visiting Destin. 

Destin in Florida is one of the many places that the visitors do not like to miss visiting when in Florida. The wonderful packages of entertainment that Destin has to offer its visitors have made it a must-visit place in Florida.

When in Destin, you cannot miss visiting Crab Island. It is located on the Emerald Coast in Destin and will host thousands of tourists every year. The obstacle courses, the shallow water with emerald green color, floating bars, etc., altogether has made the place to feature even in Good Morning America and HGTV. 

The best way of knowing more about Crab Island is by visiting the website. You will not only get to know about the glory of Crab Island in Destin, but can also learn more about the available vacation rentals in the place, what to do when on the island, where and how to rent a boat for you, and so on. Visit the webpage to know more. 

Crab Island 

When you listen to the name Crab Island, you will conclude that it might be an island in Destin. This is not completely true. In the 1960s, the Engineers belonging to the Army Corps created this island, when they wished to stabilize the available entrance to the world of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The engineers of Army Corps had created Jetties and dredged the Destin Pass, the only available entries to the Gulf of Mexico. The dumped sand from the dredging project was so much that it created an island, and that is how Crab Island came into existence. 

The constant erosion of sand from the hurricane resulted in the insertion of the island into the beach water. Now, the crab island is nothing but an underwater sandbar and is used as a harbor to anchor the boats, which are available for rental purposes. 

Things to Do in Crab Island 

As is mentioned above, Crab island is not exactly an island. It is an underwater sandbar and the depth of the island is not more than 4 feet. 

  • Do you love to stretch your body under the sun and enjoy some sunbathing time? If yes, then rent a boat and make your way towards the island. Drop the anchor and enjoy a day under the sun. 
  • You can rent a regular boat or a shuttle boat and make your way towards the island. Even though you will feel like the island is located very close to the Destin harbor, the strong tidal currents will make it difficult to reach the place by swimming. Hence, hire a boat to enjoy the picturesque view before you. 
  • Floating restaurants are quite common in Crab Island. Hence, carry some cash with you and enjoy delicious delicacies when on Crab Island. 
  • When the tide is high, the emerald water of Crab Island becomes a sight for the eyes. Hence, check the tide wave times before visiting the island. 
  • Alcohol is not sold on Crab Island. Selling is banned on the island, but you can carry alcohol with you. However, make sure that you carry lots of garbage bags to discard the food and drink wastes, and not here on the island.
  • You will even find souvenir sale shops on the island to purchase souvenirs for your friends and family members back home, when on the island.

Getting to the Island 

As it is mentioned above, you cannot just swim to the island, even though you feel like it looks very close to Destin harbor. The ocean currents and tidal waves will surely make it difficult even for the experienced swimmers to reach Crab Island Destin Florida without any problem. Some have even lost their lives while trying to do the stunt of swimming from the harbor to the island. 

Do you own or have hired a kayak, Jet Ski, paddleboard, shuttle boat, or even a boat? If yes to any one option, then you can easily reach the island. You can even hire a pontoon boat that is available in the nearby resorts to reach the island. However, when on the island, it is suggested to look around instead of just sticking to the anchored boat. 

Right Time to Visit the Island 

Crab Island is not one of those vacation destinations that can be visited throughout the year. It is considered as one of the seasonal destinations in the whole world. Even though the sandbar is open throughout the year for docking the boats, the best suggested time of the year to visit the island is during the warmer months. 

Book a ticket to the place during March or April till late October. There are many things to do when on the island and that includes you enjoying Labor Day and Memorial Day as well. The best and the most suggested time of the year to visit the island is when it is the season of high tidal waves. 

Packing Guide 

If you have booked tickets to Crab Island, then the next step is to do the packing of all the right things for the vacation. The important things that you should not miss packing are sunscreen, rafts, floaties, easy-to-carry beach umbrellas and chairs, and so on. Do not forget to pack the necessary toiletries as well. 

Do you wish to learn some more things about Crab Island in Destin? If yes, then the Destin Florida blog page is your complete guide to learn everything about the island, including what to do and what not to do when in the place. Thousands of visitors have had a wonderful time in Crab island, when in Destin, and this is all thanks to this blog page. The reviews that are left behind by such visitors are proof of this. 

Check the trip budget, and book a vacation in Destin today. Enjoy some memorable moments with your family and friends when on the crab island as well. Happy vacation!

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