Typical Bandung Souvenirs That You Must Bring Home


When on vacation to Bandung, it’s incomplete if you don’t bring souvenirs. Souvenirs are something that family and friends always give when we are traveling. Visiting the city of Bandung, you can get some souvenirs that are ready to be bought when you return home. To be a reference, see the following reviews about souvenirs typical of Bandung that you can take home.

  1. Peuyeum Bandung

Peuyeum is indeed very synonymous with the city of Bandung, and it is easy to get it. Another more common name for Peuyeum is tape (fermented yam). The difference is, Peuyeum Bandung has a drier texture because of the different manufacturing processes. You can look for them in the Cihampelas area because many sell them here. This Peuyeum can be enjoyed once it reaches 2 or 3 days after purchase.

  1. Tahu Susu Lembang

If you are still confused about buying souvenirs for your family at home, you can buy Lembang milk tofu. Not only is it famous for its delicious taste, but its texture is also soft and chewy. Enjoying warm fried tofu with soy sauce dipping sauce with your family will feel delicious. Tahu Susu Lembang is located at Jl. Raya Lembang No. 177 Jayagiri, Lembang.

  1. Banana Bollen Kartika Sari Bandung

The next souvenir that you should not miss when you visit Bandung is Banana Bollen. This gift shop has even become a regular and a favorite for tourists when visiting Bandung. You can find Pisang Bollen at its central store is located at Jl. H. Akbar No. 4 Kebon Kawung. In addition to the center, you can also buy at several branches.

  1. Picnic Roll Primarasa

When you go to Bandung and are looking for souvenirs, you can visit the Primarasa souvenir center. This gift center sells food that is a typical and also famous dish, namely Picnic Roll. This picnic roll is minced meat processed with special spices, then put in a pastry shell that contains eggs and then burned. It sure is delicious. One of the branches that you can go to is on Jl.Pasirkaliki.

  1. Rujak Cireng

This food is an innovation for Cireng snacks (almost the same as Cimol). The savory taste makes this one snack much sought after by the fans. Now Cireng comes with spicy-sweet rujak seasoning as an addition. Rujak Cireng is widely marketed in a raw state so you can fry it at home.

  1. Surabi Bandung

Bandung souvenirs that you can take home next is Surabi Bandung. Although this food is a traditional food, it is now more modern. Many innovations make it more beautiful and also delicious. One of the places to buy the famous Surabi Bandung is on Jl. Setiabudi. The cheap price is perfect if you buy it in large quantities.

  1. Keripik Moring

The next snack that can be used as a typical souvenir from the city of Bandung is Moring Chips. Moring is a dry Cimol (snack made from tapioca flour) that you can make as a souvenir. Moring has two flavors, namely spicy and salty, and you can choose according to taste. Usually moring is consumed with soupy food.

  1. Kafetaria Pia 170

Not only Yogyakarta has bakpia, the city of Bandung also has a mainstay bakpia, namely Kafetaria Pia 170. The superior and much sought-after taste is the butterscotch flavor that you can taste for yourself later. By spending money starting from IDR 30,000 you can bring home this famous bakpia. You can buy it on Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto.

  1. Handicrafts Lembang

Stopping by Lembang not only can you enjoy its natural beauty, but you can also buy handicrafts as souvenirs. You can bring home a woven bag or bamboo craft that has its uniqueness. Just come to Jl. Lembang, then you will find many handicrafts that can be used as souvenirs for families in Thailand. Find the thing that reminds you the most of Bandung and Indonesia.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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