Unique Stays around the World

What’s the fun in vacations if they’re not adventurous, unique, and unexpected? While we don’t exactly recommend opting for an old lighthouse or something quirkier like a faraway cave, we do encourage you to try different things.

We think a vacation in a unique stay, like a jungle treehouse resort, a rose cottage, or an ice hotel, etc., is a must-have vacation experience. Below, let’s take a look at some of the unique stays around the world that we have rounded up for you.

1. Wigwam Motel- San Bernardino, California

If you head to Route 66 in San Bernardino, you will come upon this unique motel by the roadside. The Wigwam was built in 1949 and is a splendid nod to American road trips that set one of the best weekend getaway trends.

It’s fun, quirky, and dome-like in shape from the outside. The individual rooms inside are shaped like tee-pees, but they have all the modernity you can think of. There’s every holiday comfort here, from cable TV and an outdoor swimming pool to refrigerators and extra seating areas.

2. Hotel Costa Verde- Quepos, Costa Rica

Did you always dream of sleeping peacefully in a Boeing 727? Well, now is the chance to make your dream come true in Costa Rica. Find the Hotel Costa Verde in Quepos, which has a refurbished Boeing 727, a vintage model from 1965.

The Boeing 727 has been converted into a luxurious two-bedroom suite with teak furnishings and resplendent luxury. A rear bedroom also features a handcrafted deck right where the wing is.

But the chance to sleep in the Boeing while on your holiday is not the only fantastic experience you’ll have. This reconverted Boeing Hotel gives you a panoramic ocean view from the terrace, where you can also admire the sloths, toucans, and monkeys occupying the neighboring trees.

Set in a jungle canopy 50 feet high on a concrete podium, this hotel cum airplane will make you feel as if you’re flying.

3. HI Jail Hostel

Well, this unique stay idea is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s also an exciting experience you shouldn’t miss. Never thought you’d get to sleep in your jail cell? You don’t need to get a sentence to make this happen.

Ottawa offers the HI Jail Hostel, a unique stay mimicking a jail setup with an inmate of your choice so that you can have this adventurous experience in life. The accommodations include a room you can share with other prisoners (read hotel guests) or book your single independent cell.

Your mornings here will start with a lavish breakfast, and while you’re here, you will even get a jail tour for free.

4. The Manta Resort- Pemba Island, Tanzania

What can be better than sleeping in a room encapsulated with an ocean-blue bubble? If you ask us, we’d say that it sounds like a fantasy to have a chance to wake up in the aquamarine world, with reef fish swimming by to greet us.

The Manta Resort is an underwater hotel where you can have this exotic marine experience. It has a floating structure comprising three levels on which you can experience something unique. The sea level of this exotic marine resort hosts a landing deck, a lounge area, and a bathroom facility.

The ladder climbs up to a roof where you can soak in the majestic sun during the day and gaze at the star-studded sky during the night. With zero pollution and incredible clarity, you’ll see sights in the sky you could only dream of.

The bed downstairs is surrounded by glass, offering you a 360-degree view of the reef fish, trumpet fish, and other magnificent sea creatures. The glass-surrounded bedroom downstairs also features underwater spotlights, attracting more unusual sea occupants at night. Hence, when vacationing here, be ready to welcome squids, octopuses, and other extraordinary sea creatures attaching themselves to your glass panes at night.

5.     Finn Lough Resort- Northern Ireland

This bubble dome resort in Northern Ireland is truly the most unique stays in the world. The Finn Lough Resort offers bubble domes set in the green forest in Northern Ireland, offering visitors an experience nothing can beat.

With transparent walls giving an uninterrupted view of the sky and trees, there’s an experience greater than your fantasies here.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, all we need in life is an exotic escape, such as under the sea, surrounded by magnificent creatures. Or, a chance to sleep in the open sky, with the stars and moon shining above us. If you’ve prepared a bucket list of holidays to accomplish in your life, add the unique stays mentioned in this article.

You’ll thank us for enlightening you about the exquisite holiday experiences you never knew existed and which are possible within comfortable price ranges.

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