What is The Best Time To Visit Croatia

When to go to Croatia? Is there a better time to enjoy Croatian beaches? And for hiking?Our answers in this article.

In one look

Croatia has 2 different climates. On coast, the climate happens to be Mediterranean: winter is pleasant and summer is hot. Inland, however, winters are quite cold and summers stormy and hot. The finest time to go to Croatia is from May to September,then weather is radiant and the water sufficientwarm for you to swim.Going to Croatia in summer, the best time

From May to September

Extended summer is the best time to travel to Croatia. The climate is most pleasant, the temperatures are suitable for swimming and lazing around, the days are long in order to make the most of your days in Croatia. The whole country can then be visited ideally. You can choose the Best Time to Visit Croatia there.

Going to Croatia in the spring

From April to May

Spring is also a great time to go to Croatia. Less touristy, the temperatures are nevertheless pleasant, not too hot. Dalmatia and Eastern Croatia await you. And in Istria you can join in the asparagus harvest!

When to go to Zagreb and Central Croatia

From April to October

The best time to go to Zagreb and its region is summer. The beautiful days arrive from the month of April, and many festivals take place during the month of June. You can easily go until October, the climate is still pleasant. Set off for the country’s capital, mixing architecture, culture and gastronomy wonderfully.

When to go to Istria

In April and June to September

Discover Istria, its plains with pretty small villages as well asthe charming hotels. You will taste delicious dishes and have the choice between lively and touristy coast as well as the more peaceful inland. Leave in the month of April, when picking asparagus, in July and August for a number of musical and artistic festivals.In September it is forthe truffle season.

Did you know that the average temperature is 25 ° C in September on the Croatian coast and 21 ° C in October? Croatia’s Mediterranean climate, mild and dry, makes autumn an ​​ideal season to visit the country, whether on the coast but also inland.

To begin with, there are three times fewer visitors in the months of September-October than in the months of July-August. The prices in the hotels are therefore very mild, like the climate, and there aremuch availability. You can therefore leave without booking your accommodation, especially from the second week of September.

Rovinj in Istria at sunrise

It is also an ideal season to visit the magnificent national parks and to stroll quietly in the historic cities, without the scorching heat of the summer. National parks like Plitvice are particularly beautiful when their trees turn orange, and the sunsets are unforgettable. But you can also swim in autumn since the average sea temperature in Croatia is 21 ° C.

Landscapes of Mljet

In short, whether you love nature, culture or the beach, you can do it all in Croatia in autumn and at a low price.

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